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four and six strip models


four and six strip models


hollowbuilt four strip construction


six strip solid construction


six strip hollowbuilt construction

Ordering Information

Please note that as of October 2007 I am no longer accepting new rod orders.

Despite rumors to the contrary, I am not retiring! I have stopped accepting new orders as of the fall of 2007, but I am continuing to fill orders on my waiting list, as well as developing some new special runs of rods which will be offered in the 'Rods Currently in Stock' section of this website. I am also continuing to sell prototype and 'shop rods' as well as personal rods which will be offered on an irregular basis. I intend to continue to build rods as long as I am able to do so, hopefully for a long time.

For those of you on my waiting list, I thank you for your patience and hope I can reward you with a rod that will be a worthy companion for your days on our beautiful waters.

As you will see, I make many different rod models ranging in line weight from #3 to #9, #7 to #9 spey lines and from six and one half to thirteen and one half feet. I will also occasionally make a rod or two outside of these parameters for a special need and examples of such rods and other prototypes may occasionally be found for sale in the 'Rods Currently in Stock' section of this website. You may also find classic rods by other makers as well as the occasional reel or other accessory in this section.

The reelseats listed for each model are standard, but other options are available if desired. Grips are my modified Wells, Payne style, Hawes style, or cigar, depending on rod model. Please discuss any special requirements so I can add those to the order specs.

Please note that I balance double taper lines with my trout rods; some anglers may prefer a weight forward line one size heavier than indicated. All rods have two matching tips.

Note that prices listed for rods in this catalog are for people who have been waiting on my order list; when extra or used rods are listed on my 'Rods Currently in Stock' page, prices will reflect current market values, usually higher than the prices listed here.


Rod Tubes - My in-house brass capped aluminum rod tubes are available for Brandin rods for $125 ea.

Ferrule plugs - ferrule plugs are available for $35 each.

Rod Bags - Specially designed and sewn 100% cotton rod bags incorporating a top flap and ferrule plug pocket are available for Brandin rods at $60 ea.

Rod Tube Bags - It is very handy to put rod tubes inside a heavy outer tube bag to protect the tube and label. These are 100% heavy cotton twill and use a top flap with ties. These are also $60 ea. I will only supply these for use on Brandin rod tubes.

All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.