Street-Level Photos

On this part of my website you will see images from the other life I have led and continue to pursue, that of observer of the world around me as a photographer. My photographic work is represented in European collections including the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France, and the Neue Sammlung in Munich, Germany as well as in university and personal collections in this country and the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, MA.

Here you will find images some of which relate to fishing and many which do not; you will find personal documents, pictures of Americana, and river and water images.

These images are now available for sale in print sizes from 8x10 to 20x24 inches. Black and white images dated after 1991 are available in either traditional silver gelatin form, or as digitally produced prints. Color photographs and any work dated from before 1991 are available as digitally produced prints only, as I lost 25+ years of negatives in the Oakland firestorm of 1991.

Silver gelatin prints range in price from $1175 to $2,350 depending on size.

Digital prints range in price from $475 to $1600, again depending on size.

Please also check back for new photos as I post them.

Rivers and Waters

The following photographs of waters and rivers are the result of over 40 years of looking at, into and through water, often while fishing. I began by photographing mostly urban rivers and streams near my home in New York State in the late 1980's, but it was perhaps the experience of dry fly fishing for steelhead in British Columbia which inspired my more recent work with the subject. I told my friend Tom Morgan how much I enjoyed the meditative aspect of step and cast, step and cast in a repeating movement down the pool or holding run. His comment was "that's the great thing about dry fly steelhead fishing; the fish don't interupt you very often!" So true, and it allows plenty of time to just be and look, and most of the time you are looking at the water surface where your fly is, trying to spot any suspicious swirl or bulge indicating the interest of a fish. Doing that for hours on end does something to one's mind and I think one of the things these photographs are about is that state of mind of focused, attentive looking which is also open and receptive.

Firewater copy may 14 copy.jpg

Firewater, New York Harbor 1965

Upper Big Hole River 1974.tif Upper Big Hole River, MT 1974

Bronx River, South Bronx, New York ca 1986.jpg

Fishermen, Bronx River, South Bronx, New York ca 1986

Big East 2000 #2 copy.tifBig East River, Newfoundland 2000


Bronx River from Overpass, South Bronx, NY 1987

McKenzie River, Oregon 1999

Torrent River, Newfoundland, 2002

Rods, Rodmakers and Rodmaking

John Napoli casting Brandin tournament rod, Long Beach Casting Club ca 1997; available as digital print only


These photographs come under the heading Amerika, spelled with a 'K' because that is how it is spelled in Sweden which is where I came from as a child. The 'K' also indicates that these photographs are the response of an outsider, a foreigner, an immigrant, slowly finding himself at home in this vast, varied, vibrant, ironic and inspiring country, landscape and culture. When I was about 8 years old my family took a cross coutry trip from Toronto, Canada to the Rockies and California and all through the USA and that mode has stayed with me since then throughout my life. I would have trouble counting the number of times I have driven across this land, looking for mysteries of fish and photographs, pleased most with the unexpected. Many of the photographs you will see here are from these journeys, mostly by car. You will also see photographs here taken in response to the places I lived, and lived close to, such as the streets of New York City or the central valley of California.

Shepherd, southern Idaho 1974.tifShepherd, southern Idaho 1974

Wyoming Birches 1974.tif

Wyoming Aspens 1974

Buffalo Bill copy.jpg

Parking Lot in western South Dakota 2007

Clock, Lower Manhattan 1980.tif

Clock, Lower Manhattan 1980

Roy Baker at Home, Rock Creek, MT 1975.jpg

Roy Baker at Home, Rock Creek, MT 1975

Show Time!, Billboard, Wyoming 2010.jpgBillboard, Southwestern Wyoming 2010

Antelope Heart Eric print  copy.jpgAntelope Heart Route 93, Nevada 1998

Mayoral Candidate, Poughkeepsie, NY 1973.tifMayoral Candidate, Poughkeepsie, NY, 1972

Golfer, S.B., CA jpgGolfer, Santa Barbara, CA, 1982

Tunnel, Albany, NY, 1972

Fish Watches Man, Chinatown, NY 1980

Travel Trailer, Wyoming 1973

Houses for Sale, Central Valley of CA 1991.jpg

Houses for Sale, Central Valley, CA 1991

Walking Home, Central Valley, CA ca 1993

Personal Documents

My Father at Artist's Point, Yellowstone National Park, 1992

Per at age 14 in Ennis, Montana 1967