The following websites have information which I regularly find useful.

If you haven't already seen the film 'Troutgrass', know that I highly recommend it. It is a beautifully produced film which follows our raw material, Tonkin cane, from the hills of China, through the warehousing and selecting and on to Montana where Glenn Brackett makes a rod from it and Tom McGuane fishes it. A must see for any bamboo enthusiast.

American Casting Association

Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

Crossroads Angling Auction

Marc Aroner Rods

Carlson style rods built by Dana Gray

Spey and trout rods by Bob Clay

Troutgrass (film)

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

Sweetgrass Rods

Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

Oakland Casting Club

Long River Tai Chi School

Snake Brand Guides and Tops

Mario Wojnicki Fishing Rods

Joe Rossano, artist, steelhead master and rodmaker

Galen Mercer's Art Work

Trout Unlimited

Berkeley, CA Tai Chi School

Andy Royer's Bamboo