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The time has come for me to greatly edit down my collection of fly rods and reels that I have collected over many years. I am now 64 years old and want to move some tackle I have loved while I still have my wits about me to discuss the particulars of some very high quality and sometimes rare tackle. I do sometimes fish with rods by other makers, but the truth is that I usually prefer to fish my own rods and I have far too many reels. If you desire more information or more than the single photo accompanying each listing, please let me know. I will be glad to send you more detailed photos or answer any questions. Items from my personal collection will be identified as such. Items will be added over the next several months, so please keep checking this site.


I accept high quality rods and reels for consignment sale on this website. If you have high quality rods by any of the recognized classic makers such as Dickerson, Payne, F.E. Thomas, Gillum, Garrison, Leonard, E.C. Powell, Winston, G.H. Howells or others and you are looking to sell the rod, please contact me. The same goes for reels by Hardy, Bogdan, Saracione, etc. My commission is tiered depending on sales price; it is 15% for sales over $2,500, 20% from $1,000 to $2499 and 25% for sales under $1,000. These rates are lower than most dealers charge.

I try to describe rods and reels as completely and accurately as possible; in case of any discrepancy, however, I offer a five day inspection period during which time the item may be returned for a full refund, minus shipping costs. Please note that all customs duties, inspections, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer in international sales. Also please note that all international sales will be shipped insured and declared for the full price paid; please don't ask me to do otherwise. Within the USA I usually ship via registered mail for items valued over about $1200, because of insurance costs; for items below this value I will ship via normal Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service. If UPS is the desired shipper, costs are a bit higher than with the post office. Massachusetts residents must also pay a 6.25% sales tax. Shipping to Europe or Japan is usually in the $90-$150 range if I can ship using the U.S. Postal Service; cost is a bit higher if I need to ship via UPS (the USPS will only insure packages up to a few hundred dollars to many international destinations). Please note that all international packages valued over $2500 must be shipped via UPS. Payment may be made by wire transfer, personal check, money order,international bank check or money order, or by Paypal (please use the 'personal payment' option). I list rods at what I feel are fair prices; I am still willing to at least consider intelligent offers, however, so if you see a rod you really want but can't quite go to the full asking price, please make an offer and it will be respectfully considered.

If interested in any of the rods or other items listed below, please call me at (413)625-6259 or email to If phoning and no answer, be aware that this is the rodshop phone in a one man shop and I am not always available to answer. Please try again if no answer, or leave a message and I will get back with you.

Each item listed will have one or more photographs illustrating the rod or reel for sale; the photos appear below the description of the item. If you are interested in one of the following offerings and want more visual information, feel free to request additional emailed photographs of the item. Let me know if there are any particular details you wish me to emphasize in taking the photos.



When there are Brandin rods available, they will be listed first, followed by other classic rods in order of ascending length and in alphabetical order.

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~Brandin 703-2 'L'; 'E.W.E.' (homage to Eustis Edwards). This seven-foot, 2 pc/ 1 tip rod is a light action prototype for DT or WF #3 weight lines. Some casters may prefer a #2 line on this rod. It has an elegant swell coming out of a diminutive (4 inches) grip and is in solid, hexagonal construction. The wrap scheme is inspired by the work Eustis Edwards did in the 1920's. I expect this rod to be finished within the next two weeks and I will post a photo then. $2,950

~Brandin 702-2 'E.W.E.', 2 pc/ 2 tips. Very similar to the rod above, but even lighter in action, calling for a DT2 line. I expect this rod to be finished in about one month and I will post a photo at that time. $5425


~Brandin 803-1 'Tournament Grade' HB; 8 feet, one-piece, semi-hollow six strip rod for #3 DT or WF4 line. This is likely the most astonishingly fast, light-in-the-hand, light line bamboo rod you will ever have in your hand. At eight feet and only 2½ oz., it is rapier-quick with very fine tip and fast overall taper, semi-hollow throughout. I built this rod as a project for myself in 2012; it was traded to a fellow for something I wanted at the time and it now comes back to me for consignment sale. 'Tournament Grade' means that the tip-top is not standard, but rather a nickel-titanium single foot snake (as pioneered by Leon Hanson with collaboration of yours truly). The weight of this tip top is only 15% of a standard tip top, adding to the fast, light feel of this rod. Guides are also nickel-titanium single foot, except for the stripper which is agate. Last several guides and tip top are bright, while the rest of snakes are black and for lightness the cap and band are aluminum. This rod is hard oil-finished. Of course the lack of a ferrule, combined with very evolved hollowing running full length of rod (within a few inches of the tip top), adds to the remarkable feel of this rod. If they weren't so cumbersome to build, I would make a quiver of these in different line sizes for my own use locally and in the Catskills. I believe this rod has been lawn-cast only. I have solved the tip protection problem with one-piece rods by making a special rod bag with two stiffeners sewn in and a pocket which suspends the rod in the bag and tube, not allowing the tip to ever get damaged in transport or storage. A very special package indeed. Comes in original bag with labeled tube and outer tube bag. $5,950


~R.K. Bolt 6 ft. 3 inches for #3 line; 2 oz., 2 pc/ 2 tips. This is a really neat little rod that I could easily love fishing myself for brookies in the East, or high mountain cutthroats in the West. It has a moderately quick, easy action that I find very pleasant; at its' best for casts up to maybe 35-40 feet and very sweet at those distances. It is actually very hard to make a sweet casting rod at these shorter lengths, as things tend to happen too quickly from so short a spring / lever, and Robert Bolt has accomplished it here. There are some nice touches to the rod such as 'R.K. Bolt' stamped on the ferrule welt as well as 'R.K. Bolt / Rodmaker' on the tube cap. Also the guides are partially double-wrapped as was the custom for Gary Howells in his earlier work. Most of you know that Robert is the owner of all of Howells' equipment and patterns, so it is a nice homage to Gary. Rod is brand new, lawn cast only and in mint condition with original bag and labeled tube. 'Ouzel' is written in script above the grip, as recognition of the beautiful bird that lives in freestone streams. John Muir wrote "the Ouzel alone dares enter a white torrent". Water Ouzel also known as American Dipper. $1575


~R.W. Summers Midge; 6 feet 6 inches marked for #3 or 4 line. Bob Summers of course worked for Paul Young before going out on his own and for my money, his midge is an improvement over the original Young design. I feel it is smoother and has a better feel in the hand. This one remains in excellent original condition and I believe it is the 'deluxe' grade with n/s rather than aluminum fittings. Comes in original bag and brass-capped tube with 'R.W. Summers Co., Traverse City, MI. USA' stamping. Correspondence from Bob Summers to original owner dated 1990 accompanies rod if desired. $2950


~Thomas & Thomas 'Gnat' ser. #5539; 6 ft. 6 inches for #4 line, 2 pc/ 2 tips. I have been impressed in the last few years by the current work coming out of T&T and this rod is no exception. It remains in mint condition with deeply blued ferrules and n/s cap & band over figured walnut reel-seat. A nice, quick small stream rod in original bag with stiffener and labeled brass-capped tube. Original registration paper from T&T accompanies rod. $2025


~Scott / Bernard Ramanauskus 6 ft. 11 inches for #3 line. Scott has been involved with bamboo rods ever since my friend Mario Wojnicki built rods for them in the 1990's when they were still in Berkeley, CA. I believe Bernard was making Scott's bamboo rods in the early 2000's for at least several years and his work certainly is impressive. This is a fine-tipped rod with a smooth, medium-fast action suited to smaller waters. An elegant swell reminiscent of Edwards or early Leonards is a very nice touch as are the single thread accents in each guide wrap. The stripping guide is a high quality agate and snakes are dark plated to accompany the blued ferrules and cap & band hardware. I'm not sure what hardwood the reel-seat spacer is, but it is highly figured and very pretty. Rod is new, having been very carefully lawn-cast only and comes in original bag and 'Scott / Montrose, CO' labeled tube. Original paper from Scott accompanies rod. $2125


~Sam Carlson / Bill Rosgen 7 ft. 2pc/ 2 tips. From the acknowledged master of the quad rod comes this seven foot rod that casts a #5 line beautifully. Condition throughout is excellent original with brown wraps and fancy signature wraps at the grip. Most bluing remains on the pocket butt cap and slide band and varnish is the typically beautiful and perfect work Sam is known for. Sam was a most significant mentor to me when I was getting started building rods over 30 years ago; don't know that I ever could have built many quads without Sam's guidance. This rod is marked only "Bill Rosgen / Winsted, Conn." as Sam marked the rods he built for this well-known retailer. A letter of authenticity from Sam accompanies the rod. In original bag and tube. $4,950



~D. Croce model 7043, 7 ft. 3pc / 2 tips designated for #4 line. For those of you not familiar with Dominic Croce's work, I've known him for many years as one of our best small production 'cottage' rod makers. His work is always exquisite in node and cane work as well as finish and his rods very, very seldom come to market. This is a fast, positive dry fly rod for #4 DT lines, though in my hand I would often prefer a 5 line. Condition is excellent + with the only sign of use being slight soiling of the cork grip. Agate stripping guide and bronzed snakes under light translucent brown wraps. Figured reelseat that looks to be Koa with blued cap and band. Cap is stamped "D.P. Croce Rod Co. / makers / Fair Lawn, N.J." inside a decorative border reminiscent of Payne. Comes in original bag and brass capped tube inside an outer tube bag. Brass collar on rod tube also stamped with same logo as on the butt cap, but in larger format; a very classy presentation. You will not often find one of these rods offered for sale. $2150


~Charlie Jenkins 7 ft. 2 pc/2 tips #70-29. I understand from the current owner that this rod was the 126th rod built by Charlie and it was finished in 1976. It has a distinctly 'Garrison-esque' feel to it and I like it with a WF5 line, though it will cast a DT4 as well. The stripping guide is hardened steel similar to the old 'Perfection' style, while the snakes are tungsten steel, all wrapped in medium brown thread tipped yellow and color preserved. Rod remains essentially straight and in at least very good condition, just a touch of blueing gone from the ferrules from years of use. I understand that Charlie carried on a correspondence with Mr. Garrison in his early building, so perhaps that accounts for the rod's action. I had the privilege of being with Charlie in southern Wyoming for a couple days many years ago on the banks of the North Platte and Encampment Creek; he is as fine a man as I have met and it is sad that he is gone, though his son Steve carries on the rod work. Comes in original bag and Jenkins labeled tube. $1450


~Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 7 ft. #4 line; 2 pc/ 2 tips, #58/200. I had the privilege of working with Tom to refine these tapers some years ago and his rods are some of the nicest casting bamboo rods there are. Tom has translated the great feel his fiberglass rods are known for into this current series of bamboo rods after his many years as owner of the R.L. Winston Rod Co. I personally own the 7 ft. #3 line version of this series and I can tell you it is as nice casting a #3 line rod as I have ever fished. This #4 line rod is a slightly faster version of that design. 'Cricket' is written in original script above the grip on the rod along with the model and serial number, apparently a personal identifier for the original owner. Rod is brand new, never fished in mint condition as issued. $2675


~F.E. Thomas 7 ft. 'Browntone'; 2 pc/ 2 tips originally belonging to Ed Zern. This rod comes from the collection of well known West Coast angler and collector Art Warner; these 7 foot original Thomas rods are very rarely seen in the market and they are wonderful small stream fishing rods. This one has the subtle swell coming back into the cigar grip, rather than the very dramatic swell sometimes seen, so I am thinking this is the regular dry fly taper, not the 'fast dry fly' or 'very fast dry fly' also made by Thomas. It has a wonderful, smooth, easy action and I would probably prefer a DT3 for myself or possibly a WF4, depending on the line. A great small stream rod. Varnish is excellent and really remarkable for the rod's age. This rod was made originally and sold by Abercrombie & Fitch, New York in 1957. The Thomas ledger confirms it as a 7 foot browntone, so Ed Zern likely bought the rod at the store in New York that same year. It has been fished and shows some wear, including much blueing gone from butt cap and slide band, but remains essentially straight. The loop on one tip top had gotten broken and I have replaced both tip tops with the correct and matching Perfection Tip size 4 tip tops. As seen in the photo, the cork shows its age with some roughness, but is still comfortable for casting and fishing. I have to admit that I am tempted by this one myself. Comes in original bag and labeled tube. $2,425


~Tokachi by Naoki Hashimoto, 'Pirika'; 7 ft. 3 inches for #3 line. I first saw these rods some years ago when they first made an appearance in this country and was very impressed by them immediately. Impeccable craftsmanship and finish and very nice casting rods. This one has a medium-fast dry fly action at a very useful length for light #3 line. I should mention that the reel-seat will only accept reels with a very thin foot; a Hardy-built Orvis C.F.O. worked for me and an old Leonard raised pillar reel would be ideal with its very thin reel foot. In original bag, labeled tube, and outer tube bag in new, mint condition. $1995


~Sam Carlson 7½ ft. 2pc/ 2 tips for #4 line. This is a very early rod from the acknowledged master of the quad fly rod. Sam was a most significant mentor to me when I was getting started building rods over 30 years ago; don't know that I ever could have built many quads without Sam's guidance. As seen in the photos, this rod has the fancy double tipping which Sam had his wife Verna wrap until she balked at the extra work, as well as the early 'Carlson' designation in block letters. It is truly a lovely rod and unusual in its light action at this length. Finish and wraps are excellent and original throughout. Both tip top loops are slightly 'deformed' but fully functional (I could replace them with better period tip tops if desired). The tube also has a sticker from The Bedford Sportsman which was an important fly shop run by my other early mentor Peter Phelps. In original bag (bottom re-inforced to repair small holes) and tube. $5,275



~Sam Carlson 7½ ft. 2pc/ 2 tips for #5 line. Sam was a most significant mentor to me when I was getting started building rods over 30 years ago; don't know that I ever could have built many quads without Sam's guidance. This great rod from Sam remains in essentially mint condition coming from the estate of my old friend Joe Garman. Joe received the rod in July of 1979 when the price was $325; as a dealer, Joe paid 30% less, $227.50. Around the flats it is marked in hand-lettering "Carlson 'Four' / 798-4752 / C.W. 'Sam' Carlson - maker". Wraps are his standard color from that time period of deep red with fancy signature wraps above the grip. The reel-seat is up-locking aluminum over an oil-finished walnut filler. A wonderful, medium-fast all-around trout rod from one of the best makers ever. In original bag and tube. $6,250


~H.L. Leonard Duracane #805-2574; 8 ft., 2 pc. / 2 tips for #5 line. This is a 1970's era Leonard built on impregnated blanks. Synthetic insert stripping guide and blackened stainless snakes under brown wraps tipped black. The tapers on these Duracane models was a bit less sophisticated than on the standard Leonards of the period, but they are still nice rods to fish with. Label on tube reads "Model 805 / Length 8' / Weight 3¾ oz. / Line 5 wt. / Ser. No. 2574". Rod is in very good original shape with a slight downward, fish-fighting sweep. Original bag includes stiffener and in brass-capped, aluminum tube. $1,150


~R.L. Winston 8 ft. 2 pc/2 tips 3¾ oz. for #5 line. This is a late era San Francisco built rod by Doug Merrick before the sale to Tom Morgan and the move to Montana. It has the expected bakelite down-locking aluminum reel-seat and NCP thread, Serial number is 9797, built in May of 1970. Condition is excellent original with the slightest sweep to the left in both tips, as if used by a left handed caster. Comes in original bag and Winston labeled tube. These San Francisco Winstons are becoming more and more sought after. $1475


~Ed Fody 8½ ft. 3 pc /2 tips #386 7-8. Hoagy Carmichael calls Ed Fody his "favorite" student in the chapter about Ed in his latest book Sidecasts. I met Ed through Hoagy in those early years in the 1980's as I was getting started building rods myself. In fact, I did some photos of Ed's rods for him to use in advertising. This would be a good rod for larger trout and bigger water, casting a #7 or 8 line. It again has a feel not unlike a Garrison. It has swiss style ferrules and chrome guides. There is no build date on this rod, and it appears to have been very little used, remaining in excellent + original condition. Comes in original bag & tube. Read much more about Ed Fody's rods in Hoagy's book Sidecasts. $1100


~H.S. Gillum 8½ ft. 2 pc/ 2 tips salmon rod. This very hard to find salmon model from 'Pinky' Gillum casts a #8 line with authority as expected. Reverse twist (English twist) tungsten snake guides and Perfection stripping guide under brown wraps. Ferrule fit is perfect and varnish excellent throughout. Both tips show a light sweep to the right and some cork rings have some ridging. Comes in original bag and labeled tube with detachable fighting butt (original butt plug also here), enclosed in an outer tube bag with a pocket to house the fighting butt. Original label is only partially legible, but it does read "8'6" 2 pc. and 5¾ oz." My scale yields an actual weight of 6 oz. You will look a long time before you find another one of these for sale. $4,250


~Michael Montagne 8½ ft. 2 pc/ 2 tips light salmon / steelhead rod. These amazing instruments by Mike Montagne very rarely come up for sale. This is a very early effort by this iconic maker with a decidedly slower action than the super-fast rods he later became known for. It does have his beautiful and unique up-locking reel-seat with permanent fighting butt. It is also glued with resorcinol, the strongest glue for any water application and showing the darker glue lines such as seen on later era Garrison rods. It feels to me like it would handle a #7 line with authority. Above the grip is written Mike's name in block letters, unlike his later script signature, and on the opposite flat "102-3.5 IFB-108-170 ST 235 '82 #10". I don't know what all those numbers and letters mean, but the ST must stand for Steelhead and the '82 for the year of manufacture 1982. If it is the tenth rod he ever made or the 10th rod of 1982, I don't know. I visited Mike's shop about a year after this rod was built and was fascinated by his work, especially his hollow-building which became my introduction to the concept. I evolved my ideas about hollow quads after seeing how Mike was doing it. He is clearly one of the most unusual and inspired makers of bamboo rods ever. This rod remains in excellent+ original condition and comes with his blue rod bag with printed signature and original signed rod tube. A chance to own one of the rods that led the way into the modern, semi-hollow bamboo rod. $2,125


~Orvis 'Battenkill' 8½ ft. 3 pc. 'Pat. Pend.' rod for #6 lines; ser. # 7275. This is an early rod from when Orvis was just starting to impregnate their rods, marked both 'Battenkill' and 'Pat. Pend.'; these three piece older Orvis rods are in demand because of their relative rarity as well as their performance in casting and fishing. Ferrule fit is perfect and smooth and the rod remains essentially straight. The cork grip is in good shape, but does show some ridging from age. This rod comes from the collection of well-known west coast angler and collector Art Warner and it has the name 'C.F. Murphy' and 'Johnstown, N.Y.' added and varnished over in neat block letters. A very well cared for and nice rod to fish with for not much money. $650 SOLD


~F.E. Thomas 8½ ft. 3 pc/ 2 tips 'Browntone'. This rod is about as mint as you will find from a rod this old. It was built in 1957 and came out of the Thomas shop with a piece of paper inside reading 'Leon Thomas', now attached under plastic to the outside of the tube. No way to really know what that means, but it sure is a fine example of a Thomas. It is a wonderful casting rod with #6 line, though in the right hands will also cast a #5. Reverse twist (English twist) tungsten steel guides under brown wraps. In original bag and labeled tube. $2,450


~R.L. Winston 8½ ft. 2pc/ 2 tips 4¼ oz. Ser. # 9895. This rod is a later era Doug Merrick rod from the transition time about when Tom Morgan bought the company and moved it to Montana. It has the red color bag with San Francisco label, but the Montana label on the tube. It also has the typical San Francisco era bakelite reel-seat. This is one of the better casting models from Winston, casting a #6 line and it is a perfect choice for larger waters and flies such as the Madison. Thread color is the usual putty from the time period in NCP thread, tipped burgundy at grip, ferrules and signature wraps. Condition is excellent with original wraps and varnish. In original bag and tube. $1,350 SOLD


~Payne model 400-H salmon rod at 6½ oz. (on blue label). This is the stronger 'H' version of Jim Payne's model 400, carrying a #8 line. All varnish and wraps on this rod are original and in no need of attention anywhere. Stripping guide is the later Mildrum style while snakes are American pattern tungsten steel. When assembled this rod has the slightest of downward sweeps, so it probably landed a salmon or three, but certainly not objectionable or unexpected. Cork grip may have been carefully cleaned. Blue label on rod tube is perfect and includes the model number and weight otherwise seen on a bag tag (these late era Jim Payne rods do not have hanging tags, though clearly built while he was still alive and in the shop). Comes in original bag, tube and outer tube bag with provision for the fighting butt that is also included. $1775


Photographic Prints

~Per Brandin B&W print. Stroboscopic view of John Napoli casting my Tournament Trout Fly Rod at the Long Beach Casting Club about 1995. Signed digital print image size 13X20 inches, paper size 17X22 inches. Suitable for mounting or framing. Signed. $475 SOLD

Napoli cast good Pivot3 copy.jpg

~Per Brandin B&W print. 'Fish Watches Man'; Chinatown, NY City 1980. Image size 33X22 inches. Digital print suitable for mounting or framing. Perhaps my single favorite image. Signed. $795

Chinatown Fish Work copy.jpg

I have many other prints available for sale, both in digital and silver print modes; please see the section of my website I call 'Street Level Photos' for more information.


~Hardy Perfect 3¼ inch Wide Spool (salmon). This is a very hard size Perfect to find from this earlier era and it is my favorite reel for both steelhead and salmon. It is just the right size for the 8'9"-9 ft. rods I usually use and it has enough capacity for #7-8 WF lines with adequate backing. This has a standard length foot that should fit most reel-seats and the proper spare parts in place inside. It is mechanically perfect, though clearly well used, retaining a fair amount of blueing and with no major dings, scratches or pitting. Very little spool play. Circular writing from the earlier Hardy era, but with no maker's mark inside. A great reel for lighter salmon lines and smaller flies. Comes in Selvyt Hardy bag with Hardy label sewn in. $975 SOLD



~Hardy Perfect 3¼ inch Wide Spool (salmon). This is a very hard size Perfect to find from this earlier era and it is my favorite reel for both steelhead and salmon. It is just the right size for the 8'9"-9 ft. rods I usually use and it has enough capacity for #7-8 WF lines with adequate backing. This one has the longer foot (these still fit my salmon / steelhead rod reel-seats), circular writing, and the proper spare parts in place inside. It is stamped 'D.W.' so was made by Dennis Ward in the period from 1926-39, most likely in the 1930's. It has been well used, but remains mechanically perfect with minimal spool play. It does show some pitting, especially on the rim close to the foot, and much of the original blue lead is worn away. A great user reel in the right size for dry flies and hitched wets for either steelhead or salmon. Comes in Selvyt Hardy bag with Hardy label sewn in. $850 SOLD



~Hardy St. George JUNIOR, two and nine sixteenths inch with three-screw latch in right hand wind. This little reel, perfect for small rods and light lines, comes with my favorite line guard in nickel silver and has the old leaded finish with straight-line writing. Almost all the original blueing remains on this reel and the initials inside (J.S.) indicate it was assembled by Jimmy Smith. Original spare parts are in place inside and there is no spool play or wobble at all on this very smooth, nice reel. The reel foot has been professionally modified to fit smaller reel seats such as found on some pre-fire Leonards; it is now a smooth aluminum foot while it was originally the ribbed aluminum. While fitting those very hard to fit reel seats, it still functions well with standard seats; an improvement over the original in my estimation. Comes in a sheep-skin lined leather zippered case marked 'H.J. Collis Mfg. Co.' which is in need of repair along one edge. A DT2 Cortland 444 line is spooled and included. $725 SOLD


~Hardy St. George 3¾ RHW with agate line guard and three-screw latch. This reel has almost all of its original leaded finish in place, except around the handle as seen in the photo. Writing is straight-line and the reel foot is ribbed brass. There is no spool play or wobble, all spare parts are in place inside and the agate line guard is without blemish. A nice reel for light salmon or steelhead, especially on bamboo rods. From the collection of West Coast angler and collector, Art Warner. Comes in sheepskin-lined zippered suede case and has a line spooled that looks to be a Cortland sink-tip. $350 SOLD


~Hardy St. Aidan with 2-screw line guard. This reel is currently set for RHW, but is easily reversible. Shows moderate wear to backplate, but remains tight and smooth. This model from the 'Lightweight' series has capacity for lots of line and backing for larger waters and heavier lines. Comes in original blue / beige Hardy zippered case. From the collection of West Coast angler and collector, Art Warner. Comes with Cortland 444 floating line of unknown weight (probably 7 or 8). $200 SOLD


~Hardy Wide Drum Salmon Perfect 4" in Right Hand Wind from my personal collection. This reel has no line guard, so it is possible to flip the pawl inside and use this reel as a LHW. It is in very nice shape, showing only minor finish wear and having all spare parts in place internally. It has the long, ribbed brass foot, original retaining screw and straight-line writing and comes in Hardy Brothers box properly marked with a "4 inch Perfect" tag. $725


This list of rods and reels will be updated with new items occasionally so please keep checking back.